Secondary Committees

Advisory Committees

The 2006 AHF Executive Program CommitteeJohn Contestabile
Maryland Dept of Transportation Office of Engineering, Procurement & Emergency Services
Chair, Executive Program Committee

Addy Kennedy
E.J. Krause & Associates
Program Manager, Executive Program Committee

Michael Rosenberg
E.J. Krause & Associates

Mel Blizzard

      Maryland Emergency Management Agency

Barbara Childs-Pair

      District of Columbia Department of Emergency Management

Janet Clements

      Virginia Department of Emergency Management

Mary Doherty


Chris Essid

      Virginia Office of Commonwealth Preparedness

Evalyn Fisher

      Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency

Greg Gardner


Jimmy Gianato

      West Virginia Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Lee Middleditch

      Maryland Office of the Governor

Merril Oliver

      Maryland Governor’s Grants Office

Tom O’Reilly

      New Jersey Office of Attorney General

Nick Peake

      Office of Domestic Preparedness

Linda Serges


Smokey Stanton

      Battelle Memorial Institute

Tom Steele

      Delaware Office of the Governor

Christine Sumner


Sandy Woody

      North Carolina Department of Highway Control

Pete Porter


Tom Vitale

    Sun Microsystems
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