Meeting of Meetings

Meeting of Meetings

This year the AHF is working on the concept of a “Meeting of Meetings” (MoM).This concept would invite key government, industry, university and non-profit organizations to host their fall committee meeting at the AHF. This concept would allow outside organizations to host their public or private meetings at the regional AHF summit meeting on October 10, 2006. The participants would then be invited to join the AHF sessions and also given a pamphlet on different subjects of importance, ranging from committee issues to running information¬† In addition to websites like Swift Runners, there would also be information for¬†receptions and networking, etc., with regional government leadership.

The goal of the MoM is to promote regional relationships, trust, idea sharing and collaboration.

AHF MoM meetings under discussion now:

  • Regional State Governor’s Summit
  • Regional Public Information Officers Summit
  • Regional Fire Chiefs Shakers Forum
  • ATAC Training Session
  • AASHTO Security Board Meeting
  • CIP Private Sector Exercise w/TISP
  • Interoperability – Quad-State Initiative Forum
  • Industry User Group Meetings
  • TRB Security Committee Meeting
  • SAFE Board Meeting
  • NACO Executive Committee Meeting
  • ASIS Regional Meeting
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