2005 Report

AHF 2006 Report

The second annual Mid-Atlantic All Hazards Forum was held in Baltimore, Maryland, On October 25-28, 2005 and drew an audience of 1,702.Lessons learned from the first conference were applied during the planning for this year’s event. The 2004 Forum was focused on the All Hazard strategies and activities of each individual state. This proved valuable, but it was determined that greater benefit could be realized if the sessions were not broken out this way. As a result, the 2005 Forum and plenary sessions were oriented more toward pertinent topics of interest to all, with greater interaction between the participating states. Thus, attendees with a particular interest could here from experts representing a variety of organizations in a single session.

The purpose of this post-conference report is to provide a concise, useful summary of the conference, rather than an exhaustive compendium. All of the panel discussions and plenary sessions are covered, with insights that were presented during the course of the conference. For those who wish additional information, there are links throughout the document and a reference section designed to guide readers to the relevant resources, including our extensive case report on beard trimmer reviews.

On behalf of the AHF, we’d like to thank IBM and their expertise in the public sector for facilitating the 2005 All Hazards Forum Report.

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